Our Building

The activity is carried out in a modern appropriate building, recently expanded. 
The production area consists in a ground floor and a basement, for a total surface of 2000 mq of covered areas. Moreover the loading area occupies 4000 square meters, just 1 km from the motorway exit of albenga.

Every production operations (cutting, selection, cleaning and packing) is handmade by our workers regularly employed. Our staff is composed by 25-30 people depending on the season. 
The production system allows packing time such as to ensure the freshness of product, to preserve the flagrancy and the flavor, permitting a good and long conservation  and to respect the trade food standards (for examples different ways for incoming and outcoming products, and always controlled temperatures). All activities are conducted in compliance with the safety standards to ensure the best working conditions.

Nowadays the company has two packaging lines for the conventional production and one for the organic one, with different possibilities of packaging depending of the needing of the costumer.
We are able to ensure daily delivery to every logistics platforms, also thanks to other conveyors with whom we have established a long collaboration.