"U Bastiò" Rossese Doc

"U bastiò" - Rossese DOC Riviera Ligure di Ponente

Production area: Regione Coasco Bastia d’Albenga
Grape variety: 100% Rossese grapes Classification: dry red wine
Altitude: 100 metres above sea level
Growing system: rows of vines pruned in spurred cordon
Grape harvest: September-October Ageing: 4 months
Refining: 2 months
Colour: ruby red more or less deep
Aroma: winy, with notes of fruits of the forest and dog rose
Taste: elegant and delicate, soft with a slightly bitter aftertaste
Serving temperature: 17-18°C to be opened at the time of serving
Alcohol content: 12-13% by volume
Best served with: stewed fish (stockfish), rabbit with Taggiasche olives, “U Bastiò” Ligurian cheeses and cured meats