In the past, and in the agricultural tradition of our family, wine-making was no more than a pastime.
Today, thanks to the passionate dedication of our family, names such as MaRenèBon in da BonGrand- PèreAimoneU Bastiò and Gigò, rather than classical names, such as Pigato, Vermentino, Rossese and Granaccia, have captured wine lovers´imagination as synonyms of quality and harmony: our wines are not the creation of one individual but of the family as a whole.
The composition of the soil, solar orientation, organic cultivation and meticulous work on every single vine with particular attention to each and every section of the vineyard: all these lead to products of a superior quality.
“Our principal aim - says Aimone Vio, awarded "Grower of the Year 2017" by the Guida del Gambero Rosso - is constant investment to improve the quality of the grapes, to moderate the production of every single vine, because we firmly believe that the good quality of the wine which is produced in the cellar, comes from the vineyard. "
On the hills we also grow olives of the old “Taggiasca” variety, typical of the western Ligurian riviera. The olives are hand-picked, cold-pressed, the extra-virgin oil is a light greenish yellow and has a delicate fragrance.
The exclusive quality of our produce, the wines and the extra-virgin olive oil BioVio, can be found in the best wine shops and restaurants in Italy and abroad.